Depression does not care.

I suffer from depression and anxiety. Perhaps you knew this about me or perhaps you didn't. My blogs are unscripted. I write what I write when I feel like writing it. I never go back and read them so I have no idea whether I have mentioned my depression and anxiety or not. Regardless, it... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk Period.

**May contain graphic detail. Please do not read if you are squeamish or judgmental** This is  not a normal type of blog post for me... BUT it has been awhile since my last post AND many of you women showed high interest in hearing about this.. SO, let's goooo! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Imagine this if you will...... Continue Reading →


Very few quotes have stuck with me throughout my life. I mean, you can find them everywhere-- on just about every other Instagram picture. Some are empowering, others preach acceptance. You'll find momma encouragement, marriage inspo, fitness motivation,  biblical transcript... So many words cited from so many individuals. Some serious, some funny. I have a... Continue Reading →

Be a ‘Girl Tribe’

((Cue the ramblings... This is something I am passionate about)) Let me start off by saying that this post was initially going to be about moms uniting. … Until I realized that we don't have an issue with moms supporting one another... The issue is with WOMEN supporting each other in general. Or should I... Continue Reading →

Bad Friend

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival." -C.S. Lewis I have a wild soul. I would describe myself as 'not everyone's cup of tea'. You either hate me or you love me, there is not much in between.... Continue Reading →

Am I Write?

On multiple occasions I have had people tell me that I should post more blogs! I would LOVE to blog more.... but I have got to be honest, it wouldn't be fun if it felt like work! Writing a blog is therapeutic for me. I write when I am feeling passionate. If I forced it,... Continue Reading →


In the dictionary, history is defined as an event in the past that is finished or done. The past? Well, the past is defined as time gone by that no longer exists. No. Longer. Exists. Does anyone know someone who lives in the past? The good ol' "glory days"? I could probably name a few!... Continue Reading →

Mastering Mothering

Hey, uh, sooo has anyone mastered motherhood yet? If you said yes, please enlighten the rest of us with your expertise... Oh, but if you said no.... well, you are my people. Come sit with the rest of us. Seriously though... The definition of 'curveball' is being a parent. Just when I thought have had... Continue Reading →

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